Everyone has the power – the power to realize their dreams, the power to lead, the power to succeed. Everyone is capable of becoming a person of influence, of being great, of being the best version of themselves.
BUT… Everyone has been rejected. Everyone has been criticized. Everyone has been taught to be afraid and be ashamed. Everyone has been hurt. Everyone has, in one way or another, failed.  Do you believe that when we were babies, we actually believed that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE? We learned to walk because we kept standing up no matter how many times we have fallen down. Imagine, what if some of us thought, “That’s it, maybe walking isn’t for me. I will just crawl for the rest of my life!”
In other words, we are all designed to be great, to be excellent, to be a success. All we need is a dose of inspiration, motivation and empowerment to help us get back on track.

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