• The Best Filipino Voice Over Artist Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

    He comes up on stage and amazes the crowd with the many voices he can make. He says something funny and has the entire audience roar with laughter. He shares his visions and words of inspiration and simply makes everyone blown away. Is there any other Filipino motivational speaker who can do all that in a single talk?

    Veteran voice artist. Experienced radio broadcaster. Internationally-awarded youth advocate. Author. Most sought-after motivational speaker. Pocholo de Leon Gonzales is known as the “VoiceMaster of the Philippines” for having utilized his voice not only for the purpose of entertaining people, but more importantly for inspiring, motivating and empowering particularly the Filipino youth.



  • The VoiceMaster on TV

    Pocholo "The VoiceMaster" Gonzales was featured in "Medyo Late Night Show with Jojo A". As the country's most recognized voice artist, he left the audience and Jojo A in awe with his voice acting prowess -- imitating a wide range of voices from cartoon characters, famous Pinoy personalities, and even famous DEAD personlities! The VoiceMaster also talked about the importance of taking care of the voice, especially for our unsung heroes, the TEACHERS. With his book and program called "Voice Care for Teachers," Pocholo is travelling around the country to teach teachers how to take care of their voice, and how to use their voice effectively for 21st century teaching.


  • In this workshop, participants learn how to: Understand the importance of the voice in teaching, Explain the science of how voice is producedLearn how voice problems and injuries develop, and learn tips to promote vocal health. Learn warm up and cool down exercises for the voice, Discover tools and techniques on how to engage the 21st century learners in the classroom



  • To develop in students the passion and skills to succeed in the marketplace and life so they are productive members of society who make their lives and the lives of others better. Our goal is to provide the knowledge needed to start and maintain a business, Help students understand how to apply that knowledge and be a better employee (to act like an owner) and Encourage students to pursue higher education


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    VoiceWorx! brings you the force of voice acting within reach. Learn the art of voice acting and voice overs in a fun environment. We guarantee to bring out the creative juices within you. This voice acting course guarantees to perk up that personality in your voice!


  • In this workshop, participants learn how to: Introduce the different generations (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z) and understand their differences. Take a closer look at the Generation Z and develop an understanding of how technology has influenced their life. Learn strategies to engage Gen Z in the classroom through technology and kinesthetic activities. Practice through role-play common parenting and teaching challenges with Generation Z. Develop action plans on how to best communicate with the Generation Z


  • Pocholo Gonzales is a true professional! It’s really a very good day today here at the UP Film Institute. The previous speaker was so good. Everyone was amazed of his voice acting. The speaker also made a lot of radio and TV commercials wherein he is the dubbing.

    Alvin Marcelo - Y4IT UP Diliman 2008...

  • Pocholo Gonzales. He is one of the top VO actors in the Philippines and is the owner of CreatiVoices Productions. In this video he is interviewed about how he got his start and about the work he does today. You will enjoy hearing about one of our favorite people!! Pocholo is one of the good guys. -

    Penny Abshire Executive Producer/Creative Director at VoiceActing.com...

  • Pochology 101 has given me an opportunity to speak more about what I want and what I feel. Thank you Mr. Pocholo Gonzales for inspiring us young people to strive more and be us as a youth and as our own voice.

    Lalaine R. Nalzaro - Dipolog City

  • Voice Care Philippines is a non-profit organization that specializes on the human voice. We focus on the prevention of voice problems by providing voice care workshops which help participants reach their full potential while maintaining healthy vocal practices.

    The human voice is our most powerful and miraculous God-given gift, and it is our utmost priority to teach people how to protect and care for it, especially those who rely on their voice to accomplish their life's work.

    VISION: To make the Philippines the center of vocal health and wellness in Asia.

    MISSION: Equip all professional voice users with the knowledge, tools and techniques to save their voice and save their career.


  • Voice Care for Teachers